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This tutorial is intended to teach you some basics of creating a web site. If you are an individual or a small business that wants to create a basic website so that the world can find you, this article will help you.

So now that you are thinking about creating a website, first thing you need to think about is what would be the name of your website? This is the URL people would type in the address bar of the browser to come to your website. If you have not registered a website already. You can find a lot of good registrars online. I personally use There prices are much cheaper and provide excellent customer service. It would cost you about 9-10 dollars to register your website for a year. Any site you use to register your domain will offer you more products but I believe to begin with, all you need is a Domain Name(Your Website Name) and a Hosting Plan.

While registering your domain name you might come across this problem that the name you wanted is already taken. Don’t get disappointed because you can try a few more things. e.g. if you wanted to register and it’s already taken. You can try for or you can place hyphens or underscores (_) between the words, so you can search for or

So now I assume that you have registered your website. Please make sure that you write down your username and passwords at a place where you can remember and save all the emails you received from your Registrar.

Now, our next step would be to have a hosting account. Hosting Account is your account that you create on a Server, where you can upload all your files and images. I personally use The best thing about them is that you can host mulitple websites under one account. Again, save your login and password at place where you can find it later.

If you hire FMR Web Design in Boca Raton, we will take care of registering and hosting your website. With some packages you will even get free web hosting for a year.

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