Top 3 Factors to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

In this post I will give you guys a few tips that can help you improve your search engine rankings in 2019.

1- Responsive Website
As we all know Google is always changing it’s algorithm. In recent years Google has put emphasis on how important it is for websites to provide an optimized experience to it’s visitors on mobile phones. Last year in March 2018 Google went the lengths to introduce Mobile First Indexing

What this means is that till last year Google used to index the desktop version on of your website and based on that it used to evaluate the relevance of your website in regards to user’s query. But last year Google announced that it will no longer do that, instead it will index the mobile version of the website. Now if your website does not have the best experience on mobile screens, this will can your rankings. Even thought most businesses have moved to a “Responsive Web Design” but I see small businesses still struggling to get there.

2- Improve Your Web Page Load Speed
If you have a responsive website you need to make sure that your website has a good load speed. I will suggest you use Google’s Page Insights

If you enter your url you should be able to see how fast your page is and it will also outline some tips to help you improve page speed. It is not always easy to implement all those tips but if you could even implement 50% of the changes suggested, it should make a huge difference on your website. I suggest you watch watch the video below:

I will also like to mention here that my website scores a decent score much higher than most of our competitors in the area. I am working on getting the score even higher.

FMR Web Design Google Page Speed

Below are the screenshots for page speeds of the last two websites I worked on.

FMR Fitness Google Page Speed

Bouncetopia Google Page Speed

3- Make Your Website Secure
The 3rd factor is about making your website secure. If you have noticed since July of 2018 Google has started marking all http websites as “Insecure”. This was not much of an issue in the past but now that google marks your http website as insecure, it catches the attention of the visitor. Also, Google has added this factor to it’s algorithm to rank websites (Read More). Back in the day there was no free solution to implement SSL but these days you should be able to implement a free SSL on your website. Please contact your hosting company or your web developer to help you achieve this. When I host my client websites on my server I always make sure they have SSL installed.

So there it is! If you can implement the above 3 changes on your website. I promise you should see a difference in your rankings.