Hostmonster Review – Poor Performance | Almost 1K Domains Hosted on One Server

So recently my girlfriend has been having issues with her hosting provider “Hostmonster”. Her websites take a while to load, sometimes up to 5 minutes and sometimes they totally time out. She brought this to my attention and I told her to contact their support. After a few chat sessions and a phone call she told me that they think it’s her website. Hostmonster Support: “You need to optimize the scripts running on your websites and get rid of some plugins”. Huh, really?! I heard this and this absolutely did not make sense to me.

A little about her websites: they currently have low traffic and only have a few WordPress plugins, one of them actually probably get 1-10 visitors a day! My first thoguht was “BULLSHIT”, I got on the call and talked to the support and the agent told me the same thing. One of the solution that was suggested was to pay them so they can fine tune the website database.  Are you kidding me!? I tried to prove my point but ofcourse I didn’t get anywhere. I understand that shared hosting plans have their limits but if it cannot even handle one visitor at a time that is absurd. I have multiple accounts with companies like Arvixe and HostGator and I’ve never had these sort of issues. So today I did a quick test, I used to get an idea, how many domains do these hosting providers put on one server. I put in the few domains that are hosted on Hostmonster, guess what!? “ALMOST A THOUSAND!!”. I ran the same test on my other websites that are hosted under a basic package with other service providers and they vary anywhere from 120-180. I know some servers are faster than others, so if someone told me that may be Hostmonster servers are better than others and they can host more domains, I would have probably agreed if the website performance was good but apparently that is not the case here.

On top of that Hostmonster is not willing to take responsibility, instead they suggest other solutions so they can make more money. I feel bad for the people who’s businesses are affected by this.

If you want to see it for yourself check the fist set of domains that are hosted on Hostmonster and the then second set that is hosted on Arvixe and HostGator.

Domains Hosted on HostMonster:

Domains Hosted on Arvixe and HostGator:

I suggest you guys check your website on and post the results below in the comment section below.


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