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Before you hire a web design company or a freelance web designer you need to make some decisions. I come across a lot of people/businesses that want a website but think that it costs thousands of dollars to even make a small website. I would like to clarify a few things here.


First question people ask me is: “How much would it take to create a website?”

The above question is just like asking a car sales man “How much would it cost to buy a car”. You can get a car for a 1000 dollars or if you have the money you can get one for a million. Both will do the job and get you from one place to the other but ofcourse they will not look the same or have the same features. Same way you can have a website for few hundred dollars or if you have the budget spend thousands of dollars. Every website is different depending on the functionality. I would like to explain a few steps that come into play when a website is created.

Graphic Design

During this step a web designer puts together the graphic design for the website. It involves putting together different colors and images to create an eye catching and easy to navigate design. This is all done using a graphic design software.  One can spend days to create a design for a page and  incorporate all kinds of fancy effects on the page or  can spend a few hours and create a simple design that does the job yet still look professional. Once this design is ready next step is web development/coding.

Web Design/Development

During this process the web designer/web developer converts that graphic design into a working website using different programming technologies. This process again can take a few hours to days and even months. e.g if you need a page that just has some graphics and gives an introduction of the company, it will take lesser time. Now if you want a page which requires to take some sort of input from the visitor and then save that information in the database and email it to your email address it would take a bit longer. Now imagine all sorts of functionality that can be put on a page. Think of Facebook. When you log in to the website, everybody sees a different page. Physically this is the same one page but when a person logs in, a connection is made to the database and all the settings, images etc. are loaded and throw on to the page for the current user. There has been years and years of programming behind it. Hope this gives you an idea how a simple static page can differ from a dynamic page.

So the conclusion is that every website is different. You can create a simple website that does the job or spend thousands of dollars for a full fledged web application that has more functionality than just showing some piece of text.

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