Sticky Footer - Make Footer Stick to the Bottom with Javascript

by Admin 4. March 2014 19:45

Hi Guys,

Recently I redesigned my company website. There was an issue I came across when I implemented the design on pages that were a little shallow on content. My footer tended to show a little higher where the content ended, leaving some space under it. Ofcourse, this did not look good to me.

So I started out trying different things, my first take was that I can do this with only CSS. I tried a different things but it worked in one browser and didn't work in the other. So finally I decided to use Javascript. I found a solution that worked in all major browsers.

Below is the code:


var viewportHeight = $(window).height();

if(viewportHeight > 792){



$(window).resize(function() {

var newHeight = $(window).height();

if(newHeight > 792){


} else {





function adjustFooter (){





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