Conditional Validation with jQuery Validation Plugin - Conditionally Require Field Value

by Admin 21. January 2013 19:46

Hey Guys,

So here is another tip for jQuery Validation Plugin. Sometimes you might require a value for the field based on the value of some other field. e.g. you may have contact form with two radio buttons for contact preference: email or phone. Now based on what they select you might want to require a value for the email field or the phone field. So how do we solve this problem? Pretty Simple!

rules: {
   email:  {
            required: function(){
			return $('#prefEmail').is(':checked');
   phone: {
	   required: function(){
			return $('#prefPhone').is(':checked');


So instead of the rule email : {required : true} or phone: {required : true} you use the code above. The function will return true or false base on if the radio button is selected.

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