Hostmonster Review - Poor Performance | Almost 1K Domains Hosted on One Server

by Foz Raja 21. April 2014 07:18
So recently my girlfriend has been having issues with her hosting provider "Hostmonster". Her websites take a while to load, sometimes up to 5 minutes and sometimes they totally time out. She brought this to my attention and I told her to contact their support. After a few chat sessions and a phone ... [More]

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Website Hosting

Sticky Footer - Make Footer Stick to the Bottom with Javascript

by Foz Raja 4. March 2014 19:45
Hi Guys, Recently I redesigned my company website. There was an issue I came across when I implemented the design on pages that were a little shallow on content. My footer tended to show a little higher where the content ended, leaving some space under it. Ofcourse, this did not look good to me. S... [More]

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Back to Top – Link to Top of the Page

by Foz Raja 4. March 2014 19:35
Hi Guys, Here is a quick tip for you guys. I still remember the first time I needed a link that user can click to get to the top of the page. I used to add an anchor tag  like this <a href="#" name="top"></a> to the top of the page and then somewhere down the page link to it as:&nb... [More]

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Web Design Tips

Website Design for a Party Rental Business in West Palm Beach

by Foz Raja 19. February 2014 18:50
Hi Guys, This post is about one of my client's website "MNL Party Rentals". MNL Party Rental is a local business in West Palm beach area that offers bounce house rentals, water slide rentals, pony rides, face painting, fun food machines, tables and chairs rentals and also event planning. I dev... [More]

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Web Design

Convert Website to Mobile Friendly Design - Responsive Mobile Website

by Foz Raja 2. March 2013 13:39
Hi Guys, Here is a quick post for the folks that are looking for solutions on the internet to create a mobile friendly website. I have created mobile websites in the past for my clients but after I redesigned FMR Web Design Boca Raton I did not get a chance to create a mobile website. So today... [More]

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